TalkBank RHDBank

Start with a preliminary unrecorded conversation for social exchanges, signing consent forms, explaining about filming and recording the session, answering any questions, and so forth.


If your institution requires it, record the following preamble about informed consent, then lead in to the first recorded protocol item (Illness Story). If not, go straight to the Illness Story.

Investigator: "This participant has signed an informed consent form. These data can be used for ______________ (specify: research, teaching, or any purpose). These data are not to be used for ____________ (specify any restrictions)."


Question 1: "I'm going to be asking you to do some talking. How is your speech? How have things been going when you are talking with others?" (~ 1 minute)

If no response in ~ 10 seconds, prompt:

“Do you have any problems communicating with others?”

Question 2: "Do other people -- like your family or your doctor -- think you have a problem with your talking?" (~ 1 minute)

If no response in 10 seconds, prompt:

"Do other people say your speech is any different than it used to be?”

Question 3: “Do you remember when you had your stroke?”

If yes, “Please tell me about it.”

If no, “Well, how about your first memories after the stroke. What can you tell me about that?”

If no response in 10 seconds, prompt:

“Try to tell me about the day you had your stroke.”

At a natural juncture, add:

Question 4: "Tell me about your recovery. What kinds of things have you done to try to get better since your stroke?"

If no response in 10 seconds, prompt:

“Tell me about any changes you’ve needed to make in your daily life.”


"Now I'm going to ask you to do a few more things where you need to talk."

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